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Exam sign up - UGME students only

Students who are eligible for exam accommodations with the OSD must complete this form a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the assessment. Students who have missed this deadline must email exams.osd [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Late%20registration%20%E2%80%93%20%5BEnter%20course%20code%5D, body: Date%20of%20exam%3A%0A%0AExam%20start%20time%3A%20%0A%0AExam%20length%3A%20%0A%0AStudent%20ID%3A%20%0A%0ACourse%20Code%3A%0A%0ASection%3A%20%0A%0AProfessor%20name%3A%20%0A%0AProfessor%20e-mail%3A%20%0A%0AAuthorized%20accommodations%20required%20for%20this%20assessment%3A%20%0A%0AAny%20additional%20information%3A%20%0A%0AI%20consent%20to%20sharing%20my%20approved%20accommodations%20with%20my%20instructor%20and%2For%20with%20the%20exam%20administrator%20of%20my%20Faculty%20for%20this%20assessment.%20I%20understand%20that%20there%20is%20a%20possibility%20that%20this%20late%20request%20may%20not%20be%20processed%20for%20administrative%20reasons.)  (please make sure to enter your course code in the email subject line and fill in all the information listed). Late requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For administrative reasons, we cannot guarantee that late requests will be scheduled.

Note that time-based accommodations do not apply to exams that are 48 hours or more in duration.

Only students registered with the OSD with an active accommodation plan should use this form.

For more information, please visit the OSD FAQ page and review any email announcements from the OSD you may have missed.

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