The documents and personal information provided by you to our office remain confidential at all times.  These can only be released to third parties with your express written permission. 

We will also under no circumstances disclose to third parties the fact that a student is registered with our office unless expressly asked to do so by the student.  Whether you wish to disclose this information to your faculty or your instructors remains your sole decision at all times; we are happy to discuss the pros and cons of such disclosure with you. 

Will the OSD registration appear on my transcript?

Your OSD registration does not appear on your transcript and it will be impossible for administrative units on campus, or future employers, to have access to this information unless you disclose it. 

Note taking

Students using the note taking service are sometimes concerned because they can see, via the matching software, the name of the student providing the notes.  The service user can see the name of the note taker, but not vice versa.  Even if a user wishes to contact his or her note taker, confidentiality is guaranteed and all note takers are OSD employees; they sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Other situations

If confidentiality remains a concern, please do not hesitate to discuss your worries anonymously with one of our advisers by calling (514) 398 6009.