Your first appointment

Who can register with the OSD?

You can register with the OSD if you are experiencing academic or physical barriers and have a documented disability, mental health disorder, chronic illness, or other impairment.It may be temporary (i.e. concussion, broken bone), permanent (i.e. dyslexia, diabetes), or episodic (conditions that may have fluctuating symptoms or variations in impairment). The OSD can support you in identifying barriers you are experiencing and provide support through accommodations if appropriate.

What accommodations can I receive?

Accommodations are based on the barriers that you experience. Some of the supports the OSD provides include exam accommodations, note taking support, learning resources, peer-to-peer supports, and assistive technology. Your accommodation plan is an individualized plan that is established between you and an Access Services Advisor.

What type of appointment do I need?

I am:

  • Not registered with the OSD and don’t have any medical documentation but am interested in learning about my options and access to services

    • Book a 15 minute info session in person or via Skype.

      • During an info session, you can learn more about the OSD, our mandate, what supports are available at McGill, and explore appropriate documentation for registration with our office.

    • Attend an info webinar

  • New to OSD and have the appropriate medical documentation (see "What do I need to bring to the registration appointment?" below)

    • Book 45-minute registration appointment in person or via Skype with an Access Services Advisor

      • You will meet with an Access Services Advisor to (a) discuss the barriers you experience, (b) review your documentation, (c) Establish an individualized accommodation plan, and (d) learn about appropriate additional supports across the university.

  • Already registered with the OSD and…

    • I have a quick question. Book a 15-minute drop-in appointment with an Access Services Advisor.

      • You can stop by to get signatures on forms, submit updated documentation, and pick up letters or forms. You can also request clarification about academic accommodations, processes, and policies; discuss referrals to see a Learning Strategist, or the Adaptive Technologist.

    • I would like to review my accommodations, discuss a complex situation, or get additional support. Book a 30-minute returning student appointment with an Access Services Advisor.

How do I make an appointment with the OSD?

You can schedule an appointment to meet with an Access Services Advisor by calling 514-398-6009 or coming in person to the front desk at the OSD. Your appointment can either be in person or by Skype. Please note that appointments cannot be made over email. However, we are currently working on an online booking option – stay tuned!

When should I register with the OSD?

Students with documented disabilities can register at any point in the year, but we recommend registering as early as possible. We encourage students new to McGill to make an appointment before their semester begins.

What do I need to bring to the registration appointment?

To register with the OSD, please bring documentation from a relevant and licensed medical professional (doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.). The documentation must meet the following requirements:

  • Be on the official letterhead of the medical professional or clinic
  • Contain a diagnosis
  • Explain how your diagnosis currently impacts your academic experience
  • Contain the signature and license number of the medical professional

We recommend asking your health professional to complete the OSD referral form. Please be sure that your diagnosis was emitted by a recognized professional (Please see the PL-21 guide* for more information).

*Loi modifiant le Code des professions et d’autres dispositions législatives dans le domaine de la santé mentale et des relations humaines

What if I don't have documentation?

You can make an info session appointment (see "What type of appointment do I need?" above) to meet with an Access Services Advisor without documentation. Although medical documentation with a diagnosis is required to register with the OSD, your Advisor can help guide you toward getting appropriate documentation, or can assess whether registration with the OSD is appropriate for you.

The OSD is able to offer a limited number of ADHD and Learning Disability assessments per year at a reduced cost. This assessment process has eligibility criteria that must be met and may have a significant wait time. If this is applicable to your situation and barriers, your Access Services Advisor will discuss this process with you and complete an eligibility screening.

Will the OSD registration appear on my transcript?

Your registration with the OSD is confidential and will not be documented on your transcript or government student file.

For more information, please view our Confidentiality Commitment.

I'm not sure if I have a disability, can I make an appointment with the OSD?

We are available to meet with you if you feel you may have a disability. Together we can review the barriers you are experiencing, and if appropriate, suggest supports and resources. Contact our Front Desk to arrange a 15 minute information session with an OSD Advisor, at 514-398-6009.

How do I transfer my accommodations that I received in High School / CEGEP / at another university to McGill?

In order to receive academic accommodations at McGill , you must register with the OSD (see "What do I need to bring to the registration appointment?" above). You may submit a Letter of Accommodation or equivalent documentation from your previous studies along with your medical documentation, however, please note that accommodations at McGill University may differ from those you have previously received.

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