Prize and support for the winning entry

The creator of the selected entry will receive technical assistance and expertise to transform the basic concept of the initial entry into a short film/ documentary, through summer and fall 2013.

This will include access to professional studio post-production expertise and equipment, as well as filming equipment rental where necessary.

Professional expertise will be brought in and made available to the winning creator through a collaborative process with the OSD team which will flourish through summer and fall 2013.

The OSD makes a commitment to assist the winner of the competition create momentum and visibility around their work through the 2013-14 academic year.

This is seen by the OSD as a major project, central to its core objectives, in the sense that it incorporates:

  • notions of Disability self-advocacy through Art and an acknowledgement of the power of such a process;
  • a response to the pressing need for awareness around emerging clienteles and 'invisible' Disabilities;
  • an active involvement of students as key stakeholder in outreach work with peers.