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About us

The udl.stuserv [at] mcgill.ca (UDL@McGill) is an initiative funded by the the Student Service Innovation Fund that aims to provide professors, course instructors and teaching assistants with resources and the know-how to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices into their pedagogy.

Along with the rising student population at McGill comes the growing need to reach an increasingly diverse student body while still meeting their individual learning needs. Learners vary in readiness levels, life experiences, perceptual differences, language abilities and more. UDL practices are designed to help reduce barriers to learning and to support teaching strategies help meet the needs of all learners. A UDL curriculum is one that has been proactively designed to meet the needs of this learner variability.

Throughout the year, udl.stuserv [at] mcgill.ca (UDL@McGill) hosts crash courses, workshops and faculty learning communities to educate McGill faculty about the implementation of UDL practices within their courses. For a list of all of our upcoming events, we invite you to visit our upcoming events page.

Contact us

For more information about our events, please email us at udl.stuserv [at] mcgill.ca.