Note-Sharing and the Tutor Matching FAQ

Is the note-sharing program operating in a remote learning environment?

Our note-sharing program is a peer-based, volunteer note sharing service. While we hope that notes can continue to be shared, we recognize that all students are experiencing challenging circumstances. If notes are no longer being uploaded for a class in which you previously had access to notes, feel free to book an appointment with one of our advisors by emailing disabilities.students [at] so that we can explore alternative options with you.

In remote learning environments, you may experience greater access to materials than in a traditional sit-down classroom, thereby reducing the need for peer shared notes. We are working with faculty and course instructors to support them in providing accessible content and we are updating our learning resources and webinars to include strategies for online learning.

For more information, check out the Note-Sharing section of our website. 

How can I meet with my tutor?

Students that are matched with a tutor from Tutorial Services will continue to be able to meet with their tutors virtually. We suggest using platforms such as Teams or Zoom. For more information, check out the Tutoring page on the Tutorial Services website.

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