Learning Supports FAQ

Where can I find more information on remote student life?

Find resources and information to help you navigate McGill from your living room—whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, living in Montreal or across the globe on the Remote Student Life Website.

Are there any Learning Support webinars or resources to help me with topics like time management, note-taking and writing exams?

Yes! Tutorial Services will be hosting a suite of Learning Strategies webinars through myInvolvementTutorial Services also offers a host of Learning Support resources available to help you achieve your academic goals. Check out their Learning Strategies pages for more information.

How can I stay motivated and avoid procrastination in a remote learning environment?

Structure is key! We all need structure in order to be effective and motivated in our work. When this schedule is no longer provided to you by your classes, it’s important you create a schedule and some structure for yourself.

Make yourself a weekly schedule that includes blocks of time for each class (~6-8 hours per class each week). Give yourself a morning and nighttime routine. These transition periods allow your body and mind to get ready for working and to calm back down for the end of the day.

Finally, give yourself a designated workspace. Try to always work in the same space every day and avoid working in areas you associate with fun/relaxing such as your bed or the living room couch. Giving yourself some structure will allow you to stay motivated and avoid procrastination

How can I stay focused on my work when my family/roommates/children are also at home?

It’s important to talk to the people who are sharing your space in order to establish your “new normal”.

  • Talk to them about your schedule for work/school.
  • Discuss boundaries
    • Can they interrupt you with questions while you are working? Or do you need to be left alone in order to be effective?
    • Is there a sign or symbol you can use to distinguish what you need from them?
  • Talk to them about expectations around the house
    • Who is responsible for child care and on what schedule? Who is responsible for chores?

You are all going to be sharing your space and each person has their own top priorities that need to be met. It’s important that you plan with your family/roommates in order to ensure everyone’s needs are being met.

I'm feeling anxious/overwhelmed. What supports are available to students?

It is important to rest and focus on being well. Here are some supports and resources that are available to students:

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