Access FAQ

What if I do not have the technology required for a remote class?

If you do not have access to technological equipment that is required for an online class, we would encourage you to please reach out to your Student Affairs Office.

Do Smart Pens work with online classes?

Yes! Find a comfortable and quiet environment to watch and listen to your course lecture, ensure that the sound is loud enough from your speakers, and continue to take notes with the Smart Pen.

What adaptive technology do I have access to at home?

For a list of adaptive technology you can use at home, check out the OSD’s Personal Technology Solutions page. Here you will be able to find a list of resources you can use for everything from reading and writing to dictation, scanning and more.

Is the adaptive technology lab in the library open?

Please check the Library’s COVID-19 webpage for up-to-date information on the Library closure and service disruption.

How do I get inaccessible materials converted so that I can use reading software?

If access to digital text is one of your accommodations, we can continue to provide the service using the usual online request form.

Is the adapted transport running while classes are being offered remotely?

Please note that the adapted transport service will not be running during the suspension period. Information on the ongoing operations of this service will be forthcoming.

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