Are accommodations required during online lectures and assessments?

Yes! The same legal requirement to provide disability-related accommodations exists regardless of the learning environment. For tips on creating an accessible learning environment, please see the information we have provided on the TLS website, including a variety of external resources.

What do I need to do if students require accommodations for online assessments?

If there are students in your courses that require accommodations for online assessments, please advise them to complete our online exam sign-up form as soon as possible. Then, please complete the Exam Instructions for OSD form as soon as possible to provide us with the details of your exam. Once the information is processed, the OSD Exam Center will be communicating with you via e-mail to inform you of your students' authorized accommodations, as well as the necessary information such that you can make the appropriate adjustments. Please see this instructional video on how to add extra time on MyCourses for students with accommodations.

Prior to the exam, it is requested that professors communicate directly with students to inform them of any modifications to their online exam (format, start time, or duration), so that students may prepare accordingly.

Note that time-based accommodations for exams apply DO NOT APPLY if the class has been given 48 hours or more to complete the assessment.

I have received a reasonable consideration request for an extension, what do I do?

If a student registered with the OSD submits a reasonable consideration request for an extension, you will receive an email from the OSD with instructions and a form to complete with the student. Once you receive the form, you and the student can then meet to discuss the barriers the student is facing, as well as next steps.

If an extension is granted, you can find instructions on how to adjust the assignment deadline on MyCourses for that particular student here:

Can I accommodate a student on my own without the OSD?

If you are willing to provide a student their academic accommodations during your exam then you are welcome to do so. We would encourage you, in this case, to have the student contact their Access Services Advisor to communicate their specific accommodations to you.

Several students in my course are registered with the OSD and are entitled to receive extra time for their online assessment. I noticed that the students have different time-based accommodations (e.g. 25%, 33%, and 50% extra-time). Is it possible to provide all students with the highest accommodation (i.e. 50%)?

No. Providing students with various time-based accommodations with 50% extra time is not consistent with inclusive pedagogical practices as it may constitute an unfair advantage for students who will require only a fraction of the additional duration. The OSD, therefore, recommends that the most equitable option is to provide accommodations in a way that is consistent with each student’s individual accommodation, which has been determined in conversation with an Access Services Advisor.

If you are thinking about adopting inclusive assessment strategies in your course, you can consider doubling the duration of the exam for all the students in your course, and not just to those registered with the OSD. This practice takes into account a number of barriers that many students may experience. For more information, we invite you to visit our FAQ section on Inclusive Pedagogy.

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