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Skills for Public Speaking

9 Jul 2018 14:00
16 Jul 2018 16:00

Freeze up when you want to ask a question in class? Got "seminar presentation jitters"? Practicing helps!

Facilitator: Ruth Mencow

Format: two sessions

To sign-up for this workshop, please complete the registration form.  

Skills for Managing Anxiety and Stress

10 Jul 2018 10:30
17 Jul 2018 12:30

Do you have difficulty coping with stress? Feel you lack a sense of personal control in your life? Do you struggle with setting goals and problem solving? Join this group to learn cognitive behavioral techniques and mindfulness to help you manage stress....

Happiness: The Workshop

18 Jul 2018 11:00

Do you want to learn ways to become a happier person? Come learn about the science of happiness and discover how you can cultivate a positive mindset by taking in the good....