Student Housing and Food Services

McGill’s Food and Dining Services is now a sub-unit of Student Housing and Hospitality Services. Visit the Student Housing and Hospitality Services website for more information on retail locations.

SHHS & OSD/myAccess

Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) are responsible for student housing, food and dining, as well as housing and conferences. SHHS and the OSD/myAccess have collaborated in making a more equitable and accessible space in residences. It is recognized however, that the environment we currently live in has many barriers that students may face. SHHS and the OSD/myAccess still strive to identify these barriers and ensure a more universally accessible space. The efforts include creating an accessibility hub, moving away from physical paperwork, as well as more wheelchair-accessible dorms and signage around campus.

The Accessibility Hub

The McGill Housing Accessibility Hub will be a centralized resource on accessibility and housing at McGill, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to all students, staff and community members.

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