Contact Us

For more information about McGill Ophthalmology Days, please contact:

Kelly Forgala, Event Manager (Clinical Day) mcgillday.ophthalmology [at] (subject: McGill%20Clinical%20Day%20)

Emily Hurtubise, Senior Administrative Coordinator (Research Day) [at] (subject: Research%20Day%20information)

Organizing Committee

Hady El-Saheb, MD, MPH, Chair, McGill Ophthalmology Day (Clinical Day)

Reza Farivar, PhD,  Co-chair, McGill Ophthalmology Day (Research Day)

Emily Hurtubise, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

Scientific Committee

Leonard A. Levin, MD, PhD (Chair, McGill Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences)

Mahshad Darvish, MDCM, MBA

John Galic, MD (Clinical Day)

Pierre Lachapelle, PhD (Research Day)