Geriatric Oncology

The Oncology and Aging Research & Training Group is a joint interdisciplinary program of the Division of Geriatric Medicine and the Segal Cancer Centre of the Jewish General Hospital, McGill University. Following are its objectives.

  • To improve care of older persons with cancer by promoting increased population, biological, clinical (including clinical trials) research on older persons with cancer.
  • To create a better understanding of the health and functional characteristics and the trajectories of older persons with cancer by tailoring treatment decisions on the basis of health and functional status rather than on the basis of age or impression and by anticipating and/or preventing complications.
  • To propose systematic approaches to the assessment and management of older persons with the appropriate instruments for oncologists, geriatricians, primary care physicians and other specialists and health care professionals.
  • To promote informed attitudes and decision making for clinicians, patients and families based on evidence. hereditary cancer has been a prominent feature of research at McGill University.

Contact Information 

doreen.wan-chow-wah [at] (Dr. Doreen Wan-Chow-Wah)
(514) 340-8222 x 22787

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