Supervisor Testimonials

Are you a student who wants to work on campus? Curious about what supervisor's look for in a student employee? Employers were asked what skills they look for in student employees. See their answers below:

  1. "Multitasking and strategic thinking.

    The best students I've had were not only able to follow instructions, they asked about the context in which what they did would fit and therefore could adapt and pro-actively without me spelling out every detail.”  

    - University Advancement 
  2. “Skills to do with communication, especially, following up and/or bringing up-to-date the supervisor on the status of tasks e.g. at what stage or completed, so the supervisor doesn't have to keep asking.” 
    - Communications and External Relations
  3. “Time management can be a challenge since they are balancing school and work, we understand and try to request advance notice if students will not be available due to their studies.” 
    - Communications and External Relations 
  4. “Basic workplace etiquette:  
    • arrive/leave on time,  
    • greet your coworkers when you arrive/leave,  
    • provide advance notice of scheduling changes - contact supervisor even when you’re sick 
    • check your email/acknowledge when we send scheduling changes,  
    • don't text/nap/chat at your desk, etc.” 
    • manage your time so you can still work during midterm period.”
      – Communications and External Relations
  5. “I only ask that they come open minded and willing to learn new things about themselves and our systems.”   

    - Schulich School of Music
  6. “The ability to speak up when they don't know something.”
    - Schulich School of Music
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