Student Testimonials

Do you supervise student employees? Are you curious about how your work supports their professional development? Read these testimonials to find out! 

  1. “My supervisor has proven to be a phenomenal resource for professional development. He provided us with news about workshops and similar sessions that would supplement our training (mental health first aid, sustainability workshops, things like that; both on-campus and off), and imploring us to attend.

    He also helped us advance our careers, sharing relevant positions throughout McGill and Montreal that we could pursue upon graduating or otherwise moving on from our present roles, and supporting us through recruitment and interview procedures for other positions once our terms as Floor Fellows were up.” 
    Floor Fellow, Student Housing and Hospitality Services  

  2. “I was equipped with the right tools… and my supervisor also helped me learn more about the documents required for the job and how the system works in Quebec. This was also my first time working in Quebec.”  
    Trades & Services, Student Housing and Hospitality Services 
  3. “The supervisor was incredibly welcoming, made all of the students feel comfortable, and strove to connect us as a team.” 
    Customer service, Office of Student Life and Learning 
  4. “My supervisor ensures great cohesion amongst the staff and is always a positive influence on the staff. He is very open to new ideas and trusts the student employees with a lot of responsibility when they ask for it.” 
    Customer service, Athletics and Recreation 
  5. “My supervisor was always there to support us and was always receptive to our ideas…

    She does everything in her power to ensure that we grow personally and professionally through this position.

    She teaches through example and shows us the power of conversation and the most effective ways to instill change.
    Floor Fellow, Student Housing and Hospitality
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