When it has come to the end of your student employee’s contract, it is important to make their exit as meaningful and reflective as possible.  

The benefits of having an “exit” discussion are twofold: 

  • Student has a chance to intentionally reflect on the entire experience, which makes it more likely that they will take away some valuable lessons 
  • You get to collect feedback that can help you continuously improve the experience for future employees 

During such a session, you may want to ask questions such as:  

  • What was most satisfying and least satisfying about your job?  
  • What other duties/responsibilities might you have had to enhance your experience?  
  • What other training might you have liked to receive?  
  • What learning or development opportunities might you have liked?  
  • What could your immediate supervisor do to improve his/her management style?  
  • Future opportunities with the unit

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