Background Materials to the Open Forum:

PDF icon CAMSR Report on Divest McGill Submission

PDF icon Divest McGill Response

PDF icon Principal Fortier’s Response to Divest McGill

PDF icon Open Forum Terms of Reference

PDF icon Principal Fortier’s Presentation on McGill’s Sustainability

Sustainability at McGill:

McGill's Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy

McGill's 2015 Sustainability Projects Fund Annual Report [.pdf]

McGill’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory – 2014 [.pdf]

Sustainability Research and Education at McGill:

McGill's File Programs and courses with an explicit focus on environment and sustainability

Questions for reflection

  • What are the benefits of interdisciplinary progra,s for environment and sustainability? Should more effort be put into building such programs?
  • What are the benefits of discipline-specific focus on environment and sustainability?
  • Should literacy in environment and sustainability be a requirement in all programs? Should the emphasis be placed on courses within individual departments that are discipline-specific, or on general courses that are accessible from all disciplines?
  • What are the most effective ways to mainstream education in environment and sustainability?
  • What learning opportunities beyond the classroom are the most effective, and how could environmental and sustainability education be enhanced in the lab and in the field?
  • How much do you learn about environment and sustainability in courses that are not specifically focused on those themes? How could learning about environment and sustainability be enhanced in non-environment courses, including introductory and methods-based courses?
  • How could a Faculty of Environment be structured, and what roles could it play at McGill?
  • What are some examples of environmental education that McGill could look to as examples?
  • If you have not taken any courses dedicated to environment and sustainability, why not? What obstacles or disincentives have you encountered?

Principles for Responsible Investment:

PDF icon Office of Sustainability’s Review of the CAMSR Terms of Reference

PDF icon McGill Statement of Investment Policy for Endowment Funds

Terms of Reference of the Committee on Matters of Social Responsibility (CAMSR)

UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

University Signatories to the UN PRI (Signatories include Harvard U., U. of Ottawa and U. of Victoria)


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