Organizational Effectiveness Series

A series of workshops targeted towards both teams and individuals interested in learning tips and tools to enhance work environments. The Organizational Effectiveness Series supports the McGill community by providing concrete, tangible “how to’s” in times of change:

Learn how to plan and lead highly effective meetings, generating enthusiastic participation, meaningful contributions and substantive outcomes.

Learn how to expand the creative flow of ideas in a group setting through effective brainstorming and other techniques and about different tools that can assist the decision making processes and prioritization at McGill and beyond.

Learn the basic how’s and why’s of flowcharting processes and explore the benefits.

​​Learn how to conduct a scan of your evolving environment considering important trends and stakeholders, and to work with a team to identify current Strengths, Weaknesses (Challenges), Opportunities and Threats (Risks).

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” --- Charles Buxton

Learn how to create new habits by practicing the techniques of time management for as long as needed for each of them to become a « second nature new habit ».