Independent Study Away

An independent study away is when a McGill student applies, registers, takes courses and pays tuition to an accredited degree granting institution and receives an official transcript of these studies from the same undergraduate degree granting school. Students must be registered at the host school as a “visiting, non-degree student” and take courses that are part of the host university’s undergraduate curriculum, taught by their faculty members.

Independent Study Away Host Institutions

There are over 450 universities already approved as suitable destinations for study away. Institutions are approved for on-campus studies only unless indicated otherwise. The lists of approved host institutions are currently under review.

It is the student's responsibility to select a host school that meets the needs of their academic requirements and offers a term of study that provides the student with the ability to resume their McGill studies on time. Key questions to consider are - What is the language of instruction at the host school and what is your proficiency in that language? Does the school offer courses towards your program requirements or elective courses that are of interest? Are these courses available to visiting students?  As you research the host school websites, use the questions on the “Host University Information” form (page 3 of the Degree Planning Worksheet for Study Away) to assist you in evaluating your choices.

It is important that you carefully research whether the school you wish to attend allows students to apply as “Visiting” students before submitting your Minerva Study Away application. You must also confirm the eligibility requirements, application periods, deadline dates and application procedures for each host university.

Students will not be approved to study away or receive transfer credit for studies arranged by or offered through study abroad organizations, third parties or intermediaries.

McGill’s Course Equivalency System is a database of courses that have already been assessed for study away/exchange for other McGill students. This tool can assist you in assessing your choice of Host University. Don’t worry if the classes you are considering aren’t listed, you can submit new courses for review.

Prepare for safe travel by consulting the information provided on McGill’s International Education and Canada’s Travel Advisory websites.

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