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Course load

The normal course load is 4-5 courses (12-15 credits) per term; a full year is normally 30 credits. If you are not sure how many credits to register for each term or for the academic year, keep the following regulations in mind:

  • 12 credits minimum per term to maintain full-time status, eligibility for student visas, loans and bursaries;
  • 14 credits maximum per term for students in probationary standing;
  • 17 credits maximum per term for students in satisfactory standing;
  • 27 graded (non-S/U) credits minimum per academic year (both the Fall and Winter terms) to be considered for renewal of entrance scholarships or for in-course McGill scholarships or awards, including Dean's Honour List and Faculty scholarships;
  • 30 graded credits minimum per year to maintain Canada scholarships;

If you wish to register for more than 17 credits per term (and maximum of 19 credits per term) for Fall/Winter, or more than 12 credits for Summer, please complete the online form: Application to Exceed Credits Request (login required). If your McGill CGPA is above 3.50, Service Point (3415 McTavish Street, corner Sherbrooke) will normally approve your request. If your CGPA is below 3.50, the final decision on your application will be made by the Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty of Arts OASIS. It is strongly recommended that you meet with a Faculty Adviser in Arts OASIS prior to submitting your request. Please note that grades for your preceding term of study must be available in order for a decision to be made.  For example, Fall grades and CGPA for a Winter term request, Winter grades and CGPA for a Summer term request, Summer grades and CGPA for a Fall term request.

If you are a newly admitted student, you must wait until you have completed a full year of studies before you can apply for a course overload.