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Post B.A. Apprenticeship Program - Alumni Employers Access

The Post B.A. Apprenticeship Program is an opportunity for McGill Arts Alumni to meet their business needs while sponsoring the opportunity for a recent B.A. graduate to launch their career.

How Does It Work?

If your company or business has a 9-12 month employment opportunity that you think would benefit from the quality and standard of a new B.A. McGill graduate with a proven track record of personal and professional development, why not connect to this pool of potential candidates? Simply complete our online Post B.A. Apprenticeship Program form detailing the particulars of the employment opportunity.

Once your employment opportunity has been reviewed it will be posted on our internal job posting platform and advertised among new and upcoming B.A. graduates.

After the closing date of your offer, potential candidates are screened according to eligibility requirements. All viable candidates will be forwarded back to your company/organization for follow-up.

At any time, you may contact the Program’s Administrator, brandy.jugandi [at] (Brandy Jugandi) for questions and/or comments.


Who is eligible to be a Post B.A. Apprenticeship Sponsor?

To be a Post B.A. Apprenticeship Sponsor, you must be a McGill Alumni in the position to sponsor a 9-12 months employment opportunity

What does “a proven track record of personal and professional development” mean?

In order for a B.A. graduate to be eligible for the Post B.A. Apprenticeship Program, they must have completed one or more personal/professional development programs during their time as an undergraduate.

How far in advance of the start date do I need to advertise a Post B.A. Apprenticeship opportunity?

Because of the established structure of the academic year (i.e.: final exams for upcoming B.A. graduates happen in April and December of each year), lead times needed to receive maximal participation in your employment competition will vary. Please contact the program's Administrator, brandy.jugandi [at] (Brandy Jugandi) to clarify a viable timeline for your offering.

Can I request a short list of the best candidates?

All candidates we will be screened for meeting the requirements of the Post B.A. Apprentice program. However, all eligible candidates who apply will be forwarded to company/organization for further vetting and follow-up.