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Getting Started

Whether your next move is Grad school or the workforce, at Career Planning Service (CaPS), you’ll find numerous centralized resources for exploring, planning, and moving forward on your next steps after graduation. In this section you will find links to relevant resources available at Career Planning Service as well as to the Arts Internship Office to help you better connect what you’re doing today with what you want to be doing next, and over time.

myFuture is an online platform that allows students to:

  • search and apply for jobs (summer, full-time, part-time) & internships/coops;
  • upload documents such as cover letters, resumes and transcripts;
  • access numerous resources for your job search & career exploration;
  • participate in on-campus recruitment; sign up for interviews with employers;
  • register for events (workshops, info sessions, networking events, career fairs);
  • view employer profiles; and
  • view announcements and create search agents

Learning to Network

With upwards of 80% of career opportunities only advertised through informal channels, networking is an essential part of your lifelong career development. To network well however, is a skill that takes time and practice. At CaPS you'll find helpful information about expanding your network, as well as an entire Career Development Workshop focused just on helping you to better develop this key skill. Register on myFuture for networking events and student-led networking workshops happening throughout the year. You are strongly encouraged to take every opportunity during your undergrad to develop this part of your professional toolkit.

Also, don't forget about Networking Your Authentic Self. An exclusive Arts workshop!

10,000 Coffees - Networking with Alumni

The McGill alumni network boasts over 250,000 members living in more than 180 countries.

That means you have the potential to discover thousands of people with fascinating and relevant career and life experiences on McGillConnect. Whether you’re looking for proven advice, industry-specific inspiration, local business partners, or a friendly conversation in a new neighbourhood, you’re sure to find it here. McGillConnect is your gateway to finding and building connections.


McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) offers several Career Development Workshops throughout the academic year to help undergraduate and graduate students explore careers or find work.

The Undergrad Hive is designed to help you make decisions about your field of study and/or career options. This four workshop series includes vocational testing and a complete self-assessment. Upon completion of PACE you will be able to understand your personality type, identify your skills, interests and values, and how they relate to various occupations.

The McGill Mentor Program is designed to connect students with alumni, allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and advice for career development. Each Mentor/Mentee match is approximately 4 months and is not intended as a job placement service for students, but rather is offered as a tool for students seeking career path advice from successful and experienced McGill alumni.

The Job Shadowing Program is an excellent way to learn about a professional's day-to-day responsibilities and decide whether their career appeals to you. It can also provide valuable opportunities to build network with professionals in your chosen field, explore new career options and evaluate career fit.

An Arts internship is a short-term, hands-on, supervised work experience with a professional organization. It is an excellent opportunity to broaden your understanding of a chosen field by applying the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in the classroom to real world problems.

Consider these results from the Arts Internship Program Alumni Survey about the benefits of internship experiences in career planning:

  • My internship helped me make decisions regarding my career or educational path:

  • My internship afforded me with transferable skills that have helped me in my professional and academic pursuits:

Graduate Planning

Is It Right for You?

  • Advice and resources to help you determine on whether grad school is right for you.

Find a Program

  • Links to find a graduate school program, admission stats and school rankings.

Standardized Tests

  • Links to dates and locations for standardized tests (GRE, TOEFL, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT)

Financing Your Studies

  • Internal and external sources to finance your studies.

Personal Statements & Graduate School Interviews

  • Resources to help you write an impressive personal statement, a letter of intent or a biographical sketch.

Reference & Recommendation Letters

  • Understand the difference between a letter of recommendation and a letter of reference, and from whom to ask for one.

Applying to Grad School?

Grad School Applicants: Learn how to apply

By attending this workshop, students will be able to:
1) Identify the process and application components of applying to grad school.
2) Describe how to research potential schools and programs they would like to apply to.
3) Use the general tips provided to enhance their future applications.

Workforce Planning

At CaPS you will find within "Job Search Skills:"

  • Useful guides and resources to help you write an effective C.V. (or resume) and cover letter
  • Information on how to prepare for a job interview and interview tests
  • Information to help learn how to making connections with professionals and alumni in your field
  • Access to salary survey report and resources to find average wage in your industry.
  • Resources to improve your job search skills.

How-To Guides are also available on the CaPS website:





Career Development Workshops

Take advantage of these Career Development Workshops offered through CaPS!

  • Write a CV and cover letter
  • Composer un CV et lettre d'intention
  • Find a job
  • Find a summer job
  • Interview
  • Optimize LinkedIn 
  • Assess job offers and negotiate salary
  • Prepare for a multiple-mini-interview (MMI)
  • Decide if grad school is for you
  • Apply to grad school

For a full listing of workshops currently offered, their dates and times, and to RSVP, please log-in into myFuture and click on the 'Events' tab.

B.A. Exclusive Programing

Networking Your Authentic (Best) Self

Do you avoid networking events because they feel awkward or because you feel unsure of how to best show up? You are not alone! Learning how to professionalize your authentic self is an essential skill to developing the channel of opportunities that a good professional network can offer. In this 1.5hr workshop you will develop greater clarity and confidence about how to professionalize the best of yourself and leverage this personal power to connect well with others and potentially your next opportunity. Dates will link to registration soon!
Register Here: Friday, October 8, 2021 at 12 noon Friday, January 28, 2022 at 12 noon

Level Up! The Change-Maker's Guide to Teamwork & Leadership

While no longer exclusive to Arts, this collaboration between your OASIS Career Advisor and Campus Life & Engagement (CL&E) was opened up to a wider University audience because it's that good! If you're keen to change the world, you absolutely must level up your understanding of teamwork and leadership in the 21st century. Initially comprised of two 2hr workshops, this offering has been expanded to include TRIZ, an introductory workshop, as well as resources to help support you as a intentional influencer and effective change leader. Click the date below to register!
Intro + TRIZ August 17, 2021 from 5:00 - 6:15 p.m. September 9, 2021 from 4:30 - 5:45 p.m.
WORKSHOP #1 August 18, 2021 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. September 11, 2021, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
WORKSHOP #2 August 25, 2021 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. September 18, 2021, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Personal Wellness & Academic Success

In school, as in life, it’s necessary to stay balanced in many overlapping areas at once. Easy enough to say, but when school stress is affecting your quality of life and/or life-stress is affecting your focus on school, don’t go it alone when the going gets tough! Join your Local Wellness Advisor (LWA), and your OASIS Career Advisor, for a power hour advising session offering you tips and tricks for balancing the correlation between personal wellness and academic success!

TROIKA: Peer-to-Peer Consulting

Are you feeling stuck about something? Do you have an issue, a situation, or problem you’ve been sitting on, sleeping with, stewing over? Or a challenge that’s firing you up or weighing you down?

In this powerful 1.15 hr. peer-consulting session, you'll not only get some outside perspective and help open a window of perspective for someone else, you'll also experience the powerful relationship between helping yourself in helping others. Dates will link to registration soon!

Register Here: The 1st Friday of each month as of October 1, 2021 (except Jan. 2022) until June 2022


Life After Your Degree (LifeAYD)

Life After Your Degree (LifeAYD) is a series of events focused on providing McGill students with life transition and career skills to help them following graduation. The program provides workshops, events and other resources to McGill students planning for life post-graduation.
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