Frequently Asked Questions - Study Abroad

What is the difference between a bi-lateral exchange and an independent study away?

Bilateral student exchange agreements are tuition exchange agreements that exist between McGill University and one other institution, which has been reviewed and approved by McGill. The number of exchange spaces available at the host institution are limited, and vary from year to year. McGill students must apply for Exchange on MINERVA to be nominated to participate on an exchange term abroad and are billed McGill tuition and fees for that term (equivalent to 15 McGill credits).

Independent Study Away is when students study as a Visiting student at an approved host university with which McGill does not have a student exchange agreement for one term or more. McGill student must apply for Independent Study Away on MINERVA and then apply to the host institution directly, paying their fees and following their deadlines.

Can I study at another Quebec University?

Yes, the Québec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT) allows you to take one course or a full course load at another university in the province of Québec. During the term of your IUT you will pay McGill tuition.

How can I take an online course?

If you are taking an online course at another Quebec University, please consult the information on applying for an IUT course.

If you are taking an online course at a University outside Quebec, please consult the information found here.

*Please note that you can take a maximum of 6 credits of online course to count as electives towards your BA degree.

Applying for an Explore Program (summer term only)

The “Explore” Program is a government-funded, intensive and a fun way to learn French during the summer term at another Canadian institution. Important – Please note that not all courses offered through this program are for credit. It is important to read the Explore website to ensure that the host university you select grants university-level credits for their courses. Click here for the complete process.

Want to learn more about McGill Field Studies and off-Campus Courses?

McGill field studies semesters are packages of McGill courses usually offered during the fall and/or winter terms in varied location. Off-campus courses are usually offered in the summer in varied locations.

What is the Course Equivalency System?

In March 2014 McGill University’s Enrolment Services Office, in partnership with faculties, departments, and IT Services, launched a new public searchable Course Equivalency Database. This database allows users to search and review course equivalency decisions made for courses offered at McGill and partner institutions. As of April 2015 the Minerva Transfer Credit Assessment Form will be linked to the Course Equivalency Database