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Supplemental Exams

Please confirm the format and content of the supplemental exam with your course instructor if this information is not available on the course outline. For example, supplemental exams in full year courses typically cover material from the Fall and Winter sections (D1 and D2).

You should apply for a supplemental examination only under the following conditions:

  • If you are in satisfactory or probationary standing and received a grade of D, F, J, or U, you may be eligible to write a supplemental exam. Your initial grade will still appear on your transcript, and both will be calculated into your CGPA
  • You have reduced your course load for the Winter term or you do not have a heavy summer schedule
  • You know the material well and will have little trouble studying for the supplemental exam on your own

For information about the procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to supplemental exams, please refer to the Exam Office website.

If you are considering applying for a supplemental exam, you should seek the advice of your Arts OASIS Faculty adviser beforehand. Your adviser can help you with decisions concerning whether it is best to apply for a supplemental exam, what your course load should be for the next term, etc.