Sandie Larouche

Sandie Larouche

Faculty Lecturer

Room 405a, Wilson Hall

sandie.larouche [at]



Sandie Larouche is a full-time faculty lecturer at the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University. She is currently in charge of the Health & Physical Assessment undergraduate courses and is the Academic Advisor for the Bachelor of Nursing Integrated program.

She has an extensive clinical background in acute medical hemato/oncology nursing and clinical education. She has co-chaired the development of the Ingram School of Nursing Learning Laboratory. She has been actively involved in the Explorations conference organization since 2009 (formerly called Nursing Explorations).

Her interests are; the impact of early entry to clinical practice and students' mentorship on the integration of health and physical assessment's skills acquisitions, high fidelity simulation education, as well as impact of communication on the quality of care and patient's safety.

BSc(N) (Université Laval), MSc(A) (McGill University)