Application Guidelines

How do I apply for accreditation?

If this is the first time that you are requesting to have an activity accredited:

1. Complete the File Accreditation Request form

2. Ensure that your application package includes all documents listed in the checklist found on this form.

3. Understand that, by submitting an application, you consent to pay the processing fee which will be invoiced to you upon completion of the review. This fee is non-refundable (see: What are the fees... tab for details).

4. Submit the completed CNE Accreditation Request Form, including all supporting documents, 6 weeks prior to the start date of the activity.

In you are requesting an accreditation renewal for an ongoing activity:

The duration of an accreditation period is for a full year. If your activity spans beyond one year (asynchronous online courses or training offered throughout the year without interruption), then you may ask for an accreditation renewal at least 4 weeks before the end of the current accreditation period.

You can start by completing the File Accreditation Renewal form

Include information about how the activity has been modified, based on the evaluation results and other information - you can make reference to the File Accreditation Final Report that was submitted for the preceding year.

Complete and submit the Accreditation Renewal Form as indicated above.

Include the Final Report Form, based on the previous year, in the Accreditation Renewal package.

How do I submit an accreditation package?

Once your application is complete, combine all documents into a single PDF, ensuring that everything is correctly formatted. We do not accept Microsoft Word or image (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, etc) files. Documents received in any format other than PDF will not be accepted.

Submit the PDF application package to: cne.nursing [at]

Note: If all required documents are not available by the 6-week deadline, please contact the CNE Office to request if submission of outstanding documents can be accepted at a later date.

What happens next?

Reviews are scheduled once the complete application package has been received. Please allow for three weeks of processing time from the date of receipt.

If your event is approved, you will receive a letter of response indicating the total number of credits granted. This letter will also include:

Suggestions and stipulations;

The official wording that must appear verbatim on the final printed material programs/materials of the accredited educational activity.

How do I obtain certificates of attendance?

All certificates distributed to participants must originate from the CNE office. Accreditation may be revoked should you distribute certificates that have not been issued by our office.

Educational activity organizers are responsible for providing our office with an Excel File Participant List spreadsheet listing all attendees.

As proof of attendance, we will also require the File Sign-in Sheet with the corresponding attendees’ signatures. The CNE office is unable to create certificates without these documents.
UPDATE: Proof of participation for virtual events - most online platforms will offer the option to register participants and the registration report produced will be a valid replacement for the Sign-in Sheet. Some also produce attendance reports. If the platform does not provide these options, a screen shot of the attendees list will also be accepted.

Digital certificates will then be produced and sent by e-mail to the activity administrator who will distribute to the attendees (see "What are the fees... tab for cost of certificates).

Language: certificates will be issued in the language that the application is received, unless explicitly requested otherwise.

Please be aware that the CNE Office does not correct spelling or typographic errors in the Participant List. For this reason, we ask that you thoroughly review your list before submitting it for certificate production. Additional, corrected versions will be invoiced upon distribution.

What are the fees for the accreditation services?

As of June 2021:

Submission deadline: all applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the activity

Duration of accreditation: the accreditation period is for one year from the start date of the activity.

Renewal of accreditation of an ongoing activity: when an activity is ongoing (ex: a course or a training offered year-round), whether it is in-person or a virtual activity, an application renewal can be requested and must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the expiration of the current accreditation period. An accreditation renewal is accepted only if all components of the activity remain the same (content, learning objectives, moderators/presenters, modality, duration). If any of these are changed, then a new application must be submitted using the Accreditation Application form within the 6-week submission deadline.

Retroactive accreditation: the CNE Office does not accredit any activity, or part of an activity, that will have occurred prior to the acceptance of accreditation. The CNE Office communicates acceptance by means of a Letter of Response.

Invoicing of accreditation fees: once the accreditation review has been completed, an invoice indicating all fees (and applicable taxes) will be submitted by McGill's Accounts Receivable department.

For the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) and other hospitals: the Accounts Receivable Department of McGill University requires a Purchase Order (PO) in order to generate an invoice. This is also a hospital policy. Once the CNE Office has sent you a summary of the fees, we ask that you please contact your Purchasing Department to obtain the PO documentation. In the Vendor/Supplier section, please indicate:

McGill University
Accounts Receivable
3465 Durocher St., Suite #323
Montreal, Quebec H2X 0A8.
Contact: Maria Anania - maria.anania [at]
Telephone: 514-398-2311

And to complete it all:

The  File Accreditation Final Report form must be completed and submitted at the latest 8 weeks after the educational activity. 

For activities that will request a renewal of accreditation after 12 months, complete and submit the form as part of the application renewal package at least 4 weeks before the original accreditation expires. 

If you have not already done so, include final versions of all required documents listed on the Final Report with the completed form.

Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Office at: cne.nursing [at] or 514-398-8272.

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