Micrometeorologists study surface-atmosphere exchange at time scales ranging from fractions of seconds through inter-annual and spatial scales on the order of 100-1000’s of meters. The research conducted at McGill is field-based, observational and process driven; it focuses on the transfers of greenhouse gases, water and heat driven by near-surface turbulent exchange from a variety of natural and human-influenced ecosystems. Students can study towards both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. Collaboration exists with colleagues in other McGill Departments as well as other University, Government and Private partners.


STRACHAN, Ian B. – Associate Professor (cross-appointed to the Dept. of Geography) and Associate Dean (Graduate Education). Dr. Strachan conducts field-based micrometeorological research centred on the ways in which human-induced management and modification of ecosystems influences surface – atmosphere interactions. Current research interests include carbon exchange in natural and restored wetlands and ammonia volatilization from agricultural fields.

Email: ian.strachan [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Ian Strachan)

For more information on research and graduate possibilities please visit the Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) Lab


Macdonald Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies


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