Farm Management and Technology students celebrate Canada's Ag Day at Future of Food Conference

Published: 14 February 2024

On Canada's Agriculture Day on February 13, year 2 and 3 students in McGill's Farm Management and Technology (FMT) program attended the Future of Food conference in Ottawa, thanks to sponsors Farm Credit Canada and CropLife Canada. This one-day event features speakers and industry leaders in Canadian agriculture and food discussing innovation and how Canada can shape the food industry.

Towards the end of conference, two year 3 FMT students, Beatrice Neveu and Connor Velthuis, had the opportunity to reflect on the presentations, panels and encounters of the day and to highlight the points and issues that resonated with them most.

"One topic that really stuck to me is the importance of teamwork in agriculture," said Neveu. "The more knowledge that the next generation can put together in partnerships, the further we will go."

Velthuis talked about how the issues of sustainability and food security were incorporated throughout the conference. "There are so many opportunities, and they're all on our doorstep," he said. Looking at his fellow peers in the FMT program, he added, "We are the future and it's up to us to figure out where the industry is going to go."


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