Environmental Assessment

Please note:  The Environmental Assessment Program is not  offered currently.


The program duration is one year (January - December) and is comprised of three inter-related elements: graduate level courses, an internship, and a project related research paper.

Alternatively, there is a two-year structure available for students who are interested in the program but are unable to meet the demands of such a short term, intensive course of study. This option is based on three or four, part-time, course-load terms in which the student and his or her academic advisor determine the best way to break down the course load in each fall and winter semester. The internship takes place during the second summer semester. Students who choose this option are registered for a program that spans 24 months, with up to two semesters (8 months) in which they are not expected to be academically active.


Courses are given by McGill academic staff and associates from partner organizations involved in environmental assessment and sustainable development. The courses also include guest speakers drawn from public and private sector EA institutions in Montreal and Ottawa. Course descriptions are as follows.

Term 1. Winter Term

  1. Advanced Environmental Assessment (3 cr)
  2. Environmental Assessment Knowledge Base (3 cr)
  3. Environmental Assessment and Sustainable Development (3 cr)
  4. Strategic and Sectoral Environmental Assessment (3 cr)
  5. Meeting Environmental Assessment Regulations (3 cr)

Term 2. Summer Term

  1. Environmental Assessment Internship (15 cr)

Term 3. Autumn Term

  1. Environmental Assessment Project Paper (9 cr) 
  2. Two 3-credit Graduate level courses approved by the Program Director.