Non-academic staff

Administrative staff:

Ann Gossage - Administrative Assistant

Office: Macdonald-Stewart Building, 3 Poultry Cottages
Tel: (514) 398-7913
ann.gossage [at] (Email: Ann Gossage)


  • oversees all activities related to the Department
  • administers departmental budget
  • develops and implements policies, procedures and systems necessary to operate department efficiently
  • communicates information
  • supervises secretarial/clerical staff
  • processes staff appointments
  • Departmental HR contact for hiring procedures
  • administers program to hire teaching assistants
  • undertakes other varied administrative responsibilities to assist the Chair

Allison Murphy - Administrative Coordinator

Office: Macdonald-Stewart Building, 3 Poultry Cottages
Tel: (514) 398-7890
Fax: (514) 398-8732
allison.murphy2 [at] (Email: Allison Murphy)


  • Invoice/IDC payments
  • Purchasing
  • UPrint
  • Telephone Coordinator


Technical staff:

David Meek

Office: Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-069
Tel: (514) 398-7888
david.meek [at] (Email: David Meek)


  • Microbiology undergraduate teaching lab: oversees all activities and purchasing
  • Oversees autoclave, growth chamber and incubator rentals and maintenance
  • Departmental radiation safety officer (DRSO)

Khosro Mousavi-Torbati

Office: Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-070
Tel: (514) 398-7939
khosro.mousavi [at] (Email: Khosro Mousavi-Torbati)


  • Departmental Safety Officer and Chemical Waste Coordinator: oversee all items related to safety and chemical waste in the Department
  • Soil undergrad teaching lab: oversee all activities and purchasing
  • Biology undergrad teaching lab: oversee all activities and purchasing

Vinko Mathieu

Tel: (514) 398-7901
vinko.culjakmathieu [at] (Email: Vinko Mathieu)


  • Coordinate vehicle reservations, maintenance scheduling, licensing, insuring, billing & accounting of Departmental vehicles
  • Maintain Avian Science and Conservation Centre, Soil Barn


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