Retired staff


BIRD, David M. - Professor. As Director of the Avian Science and Conservation Centre, Dr. Bird conducts research on birds (with an emphasis on birds of prey) in a variety of areas including reproductive physiology, toxicology, genetics, parasitology, behavioural ecology, nutrition, physiology and wildlife management. He is also interested in human-wildlife interactions and communication of science to the public.

email: david.bird [at] (Dr. David Bird)


CURTIS, Mark A. -Associate Professor. Dr. Curtis' research interests primarily concern aquatic ecology in northern ecosystems. His recent activities involve the use of data on fish parasites to indicate food web relationships, particularly in northern hyrdroelectric reservoirs. In addition he is deeply involved with the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and serves as a coordinator of EIA program activities and EIA policy development for remote areas in Canada and worldwide.

email: mark.curtis [at] (Dr. Mark Curtis)


FYLES, Jim - Professor. Dr. Fyles' research looks at the relationships between the plants, animals and microorganisms and the soil that supports them and the ways in which these relationships response to climate, disturbance and human activity. These relationships and responses influence which species survive and which don’t, how productive an ecosystem is, how much of the produced organic matter and the nutrients it contains are returned to the soil each year, what useable materials can be harvested, the scenic beauty of the land and how fast the ecosystem responds to change. 

email: jim.fyles [at] (Dr. Jim Fyles)


NIVEN, Donald F. - Associate Professor. Dr. Niven's interests include: Biochemistry and physiology of selected animal pathogens of the families Pasteurellaceae and Streptococcaceae. Interest is centred primarily on iron acquisition processes and the metabolism of oxygen.

email: donald.niven [at] (Dr. Donald Niven)


RAU, Manfred E. - Associate Professor. Professor Rau’s research deals with the use of plagiorchiid digenean parasites as agents in the biological control of insect- and snail-borne diseases of medical and veterinary importance. The work exploits the ability of these parasites to establish truncated infections in the tissues of a broad range of incompatible snail hosts. Such infections do not progress beyond the early embryonic stages of the parasite, but nevertheless lead to catastrophic reproductive failure in the snail host, and to the destruction of existing and subsequent infections with other, compatible parasite species, among them Schistosoma mansoni, the aetiological agent of human schistosomiasis. Studies are underway to elucidate the dynamics of these events in the laboratory, with a view to optimizing their application in the field.

email: manfred.rau [at] (Dr. Manfred Rau)


TITMAN, Rodger D. - Associate Professor. Associated with the Avian Science and Conservation Centre, Dr. Titman's primary areas of interest concern behaviour and ecology of waterfowl and wetland ecology. His studies have involved social systems, behaviour ecology and habitat selection by ducks and other birds.

email: rodger.titman [at] (Dr. Rodger Titman)


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