This page is dedicated to the various contests featured on our very own @MCGILLU Instagram account. Visit the university's offical Instagram account to check out campus photos taken by you. Tag #mcgill or #macdonaldcampus to be reposted on IG.

Current Contests:

All contests are closed.

Past Contests:

How Do You Study?

We want to know how you study so for this contest, post a photo of your favourite/usual studying spot with a caption of a study tip that you can give to other students. Be sure to tag #mcgillagram and #howdoyoustudy in your photos. Remember, the more creative the better! Three winners will be chosen and there will be honourable mentions as well!

Contest Winners:

Jennifer Xiong
U3, Faculty of Science
TIP: Try listening to video game music when you study because they were made to help you focus on the game without getting distracted.

Photo by Jen Xiong

Ashley Yue She Ting
U3, Faculty of Arts
TIP: The best study spot should have plenty of sunlight, good coffee, music and company.

Photo by Ashley Yue

Nihitha Mohan
U4, Faculty of Engineering
TIP: Comforting company, snuggly hoodie, ample light and (rain.)simplynoise.com.

Photo by Nihitha Mohan

Show us your winter in Montreal!

Introducing our first IG contest ever: we are looking for you guys to show us photos of your winter in Montreal. Once you've posted the photo to Instagram, be sure to tag @mcgillu and/or #mcgillagram so we can judge the photos. The top 3 winners will be contacted and will win a prize! You can post as many times as you'd like. Let the Instagramming begin!

Contest Winners:

Nikhil Rajiv Kakodkar 
Masters, Faculty of Engineering

Cassandra Tooley 
U3, Faculty of Arts

Photo by Cassandra Tooley (@cassietooley)

Nima Parsi 
Postdoc, Faculty of Engineering

Photo by Nima Parsi (@nimaparsi)