Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Can the application be filled out in French?  Yes.  

When will winners and runners-up be contacted? In mid-March 2021.  

Do I need to be nominated for a prize? No, you should apply yourself.   

Can I include photos and films in my application?  Yes, but the application has to fit within the 5 MB limit.  

I worked with the media and/or the public this year, but the work will only be shared next year. Can I include this work in my application?  Yes, if the work took place during the calendar year of the prize. 

Letter(s) of support

How many letters of support do I need?  You need at least one (1) letter of support and you may include one (1) more.

What language should the letter (s) be written in? They can be in either French or English.  

Do the optional letters of support have to come from someone at McGill?  No, they can come from any external individuals or partners that you have worked with.  

Joint applications

Can two (2) of academic staff or two (2) graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows apply together in either the Prize for  Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows or one of the two prizes for academic staff (Emerging Researchers and/or Established Academics) because they have worked together on a particular project involving public engagement or working with media?  Yes. If you win, you will be able to share the prize money.  


Can I apply for the prize if I receive money from media outlets?  

  • Yes, small sums for occasional freelance pieces are fine. Please indicate which of the media engagements you were paid for in your application. If you receive regular payments from one, or several, media outlets – e.g. if you have a weekly or monthly column for which you receive regular compensation, these should not be included in the application.  
  • For those applying for the Prize for Collaboration, please indicate in your application whether the group receives funds directly from sources that are either internal or outside McGill or is able to pay some of its members for part-time or full-time work related to the group activity. 
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