Paresseux, les profs d'université?


(Francis Vailles): The main mission of university professors is not to teach but to do research. You will understand that I do not speak of lecturers, but as teachers, PhDs. In all Quebec universities, teachers spend most of their time doing research… This observation allows to put into perspective the debate on higher education. And understand the importance of research into the whole question of the quality and the underfunding of Quebec universities. A figure evokes the problem: biology, each graduate student costs about $ 25,000 per year in equipment (lab equipment, animals, software, etc.). … Today, the PQ government may not only under-funding of universities, but he cut budgets and research funds, so crucial to their development. Yesterday, Summit, Pauline Marois has promised a reinvestment in research in the coming years, but in light of the recent actions of the PQ government, I feel like Thomas, the apostle of Jesus, I have doubts as I do not have the evidence. In short, academic research will not cause riots or contest pans. It is nevertheless essential to our future.