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Anonymous, des sales coups à l’activisme global

Comment des cybermilitants sans nom et sans visage sont-ils passés du pur plaisir de nuire à la défense d’une cause? L’anthropologue Gabriella Coleman enquête en immersion. Le Temps

Published: 21 Mar 2016

The need for mentorship as a woman of colour

Rachel Zellars, PhD candidate, writes a tribute to three people who have helped her survive the world as a woman of colour. CBC News

Published: 18 Mar 2016

Carcasses provide clue to muskrat population decline

Jeremy Brammer, a PhD student at McGill University, is one of the researchers conducting the four-year study. He's collecting carcasses of muskrats and the animals that eat the rodent. CBC News

Published: 18 Mar 2016

Je travaille, donc j’étudie

Entretien avec Mathieu Laperle, directeur principal du Logement étudiant et d’hôtellerie de l’Université McGill. HRI Magazine

Published: 18 Mar 2016

How introverts can successfully manage extroverts

Op-ed by Karl Moore, associate professor at the Desautels Faculty of Management. The Globe and Mail

Published: 16 Mar 2016

Islamic art inspires stretchy, switchable materials

"In conventional materials, when you pull in one direction it will contract in other directions," said Dr Ahmad Rafsanjani, from McGill University in Montreal. "But with 'auxetic' materials, due to their internal architecture, when you pull in one direction they expand in the lateral direction." BBC News

Published: 16 Mar 2016

Le génie mécanique pour réparer les coeurs

Souvent méconnu, le rôle de l'ingénieur en mécanique dans le domaine de la santé est pourtant crucial. Toufic Azar, jeune diplômé de l'Université McGill, est en train d'en faire de nouveau la démonstration en mettant au point un produit qui pourrait sauver des vies. Les Affaires

Published: 15 Mar 2016

Why scientists are growing dinosaur parts on chickens

In Jurassic Park, dinosaurs were brought back to life after scientists grabbed their DNA from a bug encased in amber. Not a bad idea, but in real life, 66-million-year-old DNA would be way too degraded to be of much use, says Hans Larsson, a paleontologist at McGill University....

Published: 15 Mar 2016

Changing location of bus stops could speed up traffic

The placement of a bus stop on the far side of an intersection instead of the near side can have a big impact on regular traffic, explained Ahmed El-Geneidy of the McGill School of Urban Planning. CTV News

Published: 15 Mar 2016

Nous ne sommes pas tous égaux face à la dépression

La vulnérabilité à la dépression: entrevue avec Bruno Giros, professeur et chercheur en psychiatrie. Radio-Canada

Published: 14 Mar 2016

Senate reform and partnership with indigenous peoples

Op-ed by Ghaith El-Mohtar, Faculty of Law student. Montreal Gazette

Published: 14 Mar 2016

Make daylight saving time less painful by avoiding naps

CBC's Daybreak spoke with Dr. Nancy Low, clinical director of the Mental Health Service at McGill University, to get some tips on easing the transition. CBC News

Published: 14 Mar 2016

9 mars 2016 : journée historique pour l’ADN au Canada

« Cet accord donne au secteur public les outils dont il aura besoin pour voir aux brevets génétiques à l’avenir. » Richard Gold, professeur de droit et de médecine à l’Université McGill  qui a conseillé le CHEO sur le cadre politique de l’entente. Radio-Canada International

Published: 10 Mar 2016

Linking Zika, microcephaly and other nerve syndromes

All of these questions could have been answered years, if not decades ago, if anyone had taken a closer look at Zika, says Madhukar Pai, director of Global Health Programs for the McGill University Faculty of Medicine. Scientific American

Published: 10 Mar 2016

AlphaGo will enable us to enhance human capabilities

Op-ed by Doina Precup, associate professor of computer science and associate dean. The New York Times

Published: 10 Mar 2016