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GUARDIAN | Scientists solve eggshell mystery of how chicks hatch

It’s been a tough one to crack, but scientists say they have zoomed in, to an unprecedented degree, on the structure of shells surrounding chicken embryos, revealing how they change to allow young birds to hatch. […] “Everybody thinks eggshells are fragile – [when] we’re careful, we ‘walk on eggshells’ – but in fact, for their thinness they are extremely strong, harder than some metals,” said Prof Marc McKee, a coauthor of the study from McGill University in Canada....

Published: 3 Apr 2018

NATIONAL POST | Mom fears losing access to experimental drug that helped daughter after study ends

Jonathan Kimmelman, director of biomedical ethics at McGill University, agreed companies have some obligation to continue to provide care for patients who take part in studies to test experimental products. “Any time a patient participates in a trial, they’re volunteering their body to advance science,” he said from Montreal....

Published: 27 Mar 2018

GAZETTE | Cancer prevention forum focuses on lifestyle choice

Of course, there's no such pill on the horizon, said Dr. Michael Pollak, director of the cancer prevention centre at the Jewish General Hospital and the Division of Cancer Prevention of the Department of Oncology at McGill University, but the science on cancer prevention is clear on how to cut cancer risk by up to 50 per cent.

Montreal Gazette

Published: 27 Mar 2018

CTV | Montreal school eliminates homework

Students at a Quebec elementary school are celebrating a new policy that gets rid of homework. Ecole Elizabeth Ballantyne in Montreal is going to try to give students enough time to finish their work in class instead of at home. Steven Shaw is an associate professor at McGill University and joins us from Montreal with more.

CTV News

Published: 27 Mar 2018

PARENTS | Sommeil : les mauvaises habitudes s’installent tôt chez les enfants d’âge scolaire

Des chercheurs canadiens recommandent aux parents dont les enfants fréquentent l'école primaire de veiller à bien maintenir des règles strictes concernant l’heure du coucher, car ces derniers adoptent de plus en plus, et de plus en plus tôt, un sommeil de mauvaise qualité.


Published: 26 Mar 2018

CTV | Bad sleep habits can start in childhood: study

Children as young as eight may already show unhealthy sleeping habits normally associated with adolescence according to new research, which could be affecting their school performance and health. Carried out by researchers at McGill University in Montreal, the new study looked at the sleep patterns of 144 children aged six to 11 years old during the academic year.


Published: 26 Mar 2018

RADIO-CANADA | Des chercheurs montréalais proches d'un nouveau type de vaccin contre la tuberculose

Des chercheurs du Centre universitaire de santé McGill et de l'Université de Montréal ont mis au point une nouvelle arme pour combattre la tuberculose. Le vaccin est pour l'instant testé sur les souris. (Interview with post-doc Eva Kaufmann and Dick Menzies.]


Published: 26 Mar 2018

CTV | McGill phasing out plastic water bottles in push for greater sustainability

Single-use bottled water will no longer be sold on McGill campuses by May 2019, university says… François Miller, director of the McGill Office of Sustainability, told CBC News he was "convinced" the move has popular support at the school

Published: 26 Mar 2018

REACH MD | Certain diabetes drugs may be linked to increased risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

A Canadian team, led by Laurent Azoulay at McGill University, set out to assess whether the use of DPP-4 inhibitors is associated with inflammatory bowel disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.Reach MD

Published: 23 Mar 2018

ASTRONOMY | Chime begins its cosmic search

“This telescope is radically different from other telescopes,” says Matt Dobbs, Associate Professor of Physics at McGill University and a CHIME investigator. “CHIME is really a stepping stone to a new way of doing radio astronomy.” The radio telescope – Canada’s biggest – is a joint venture co-led by the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, McGill University and the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO)....

Published: 23 Mar 2018

CONVERSATION | Hope rises for a world free of TB

Madhukar Pai World TB Day 2018 is turning out to be special — never in the history of tuberculosis (TB) control has there been greater political attention and commitment to tackling the infectious disease that causes nearly two million deaths a year.

The Conversation

Published: 22 Mar 2018

GAZETTE | 'I see hope': New early detection test for ovarian, uterine cancers

A team from The Research Institute of the MUHC and researchers at the Johns Hopkins Institute in the U.S. have developed a test they say is safe and could save lives.CTV News, Montreal Gazette

Published: 22 Mar 2018

LA PRESSE | McGill contribue à un nouveau test pour les cancers de l’ovaire et de l’utérus

Des chercheurs de l’Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill (IR-CUSM) et de l’université Johns Hopkins ont mis au point une «méthode sécuritaire et peu invasive» pour le dépistage précoce des cancers de l’ovaire et de l’endomètre.La Presse

Published: 22 Mar 2018

THE GLOBE AND MAIL | Business school research: what it takes to create a social media movement

These questions are central to Montreal researcher Emmanuelle Vaast's newest study of social media, published in MIS Quarterly. Dr. Vaast, a professor of information systems at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management, has a long history of studying social media use. She recently worked with a research team to explore social media use on Twitter following BP's environmentally disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010....

Published: 21 Mar 2018

QUARTZ | The global quest to eliminate Tuberculosis by 2030 hinges on India’s success

World TB Day 2018 is turning out to be special—never in the history of tuberculosis (TB) control has there been greater political attention and commitment to tackling the infectious disease that causes nearly two million deaths a year. I was recently fortunate to be in New Delhi, where I witnessed Indian prime minister Narendra Modi launch the TB Free India campaign at the Delhi End TB Summit....

Published: 21 Mar 2018