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Ronald Melzack Wins Grawemeyer Award

McGill's Ronald Melzack, a scientist who helps explain pain, has won the University of Louisville's Grawemeyer Award for Psychology. Melzack said he was “absolutely astonished” to learn he had won the award, which comes with a $200,000 prize and will be given at U of L in April.

Published: 17 Dec 2009

Laurie Hendren Named ACM Fellow

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)has recognized 47 of its members for their contributions to computing and computer science that have contributed fundamental knowledge to the field and generated a broad range of innovations in industry, commerce, entertainment, and education.

Published: 17 Dec 2009

Canadian Researchers Say Tailor-Made HIV/AIDS Treatment is Possible

Canadian scientists say they've developed a new treatment for the human immunodeficiency virus that has successfully passed its first clinical trial.

Published: 17 Dec 2009

Jody Heymann's New Study on Global Work-Family Policies Has Huge Implications

Jody Heymann, founding director of the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University, and Alison Earle, a research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, published a groundbreaking book on global work-family policies.

Published: 17 Dec 2009

Learning to talk changes the way we hear speech

(CBC) Canadian researchers using a robotic device have determined that learning to talk changes the way people hear speech. Sazzad Nasir and David Ostry of the department of psychology at McGill University in Montreal used a device that puts pressure on a person's jaw to try to isolate the movements of talking from the sounds of language itself.

Published: 4 Nov 2009

We still have a chance to save polar bears

(New Scientist) Managing the polar bear's habitat could help save them. Opinion piece in New Scientist from McGill's Bruno Tremblay & colleague Stephanie Pfirman of Columbia.

Published: 2 Nov 2009

McGill's Cundill prize awarded to Lisa Jardine

(The Gazette, CBC) Lisa Jardine, author of Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland’s Glory, has been awarded the Cundill International Prize in History, described as the world’s largest historical literature award for non-fiction.

Published: 2 Nov 2009

World losing mixture of plants, animal species at accelerated rate

(CP) Andrew Hendry, a biologist at McGill University, said while there are hopeful signs some countries might be altering the way they manage species and protect habitats, the overall picture remains grim. "Biodiversity is continuing and, in some places, it's worsening," Hendry said.

Published: 13 Oct 2009

CTV: McGill grad named as Nobel Prize winner for Physics

A Nova Scotia-born physicist who invented the Charge-coupled device 40 years ago has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in physics along with two American scientists. Willard S. Boyle, along with Charles K. Kao and George E. Smith, won the US $1.4 million prize on Tuesday.

Published: 6 Oct 2009

The Gazette: McGill grad wins Nobel for Medicine

A former McGill University undergrad is among three U.S.-based scientists who were awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine Monday. Jack W. Szostak, now of Harvard Medical School, shares the $1.4-million award with Elizabeth Blackburn of the University of California, San Francisco, and Carol W. Greider of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Published: 5 Oct 2009

National Post: Teaching the big picture at McGill

FP Executive interview is with Peter Todd, dean of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. National Post

Published: 22 Sep 2009

Impact Campus: Geo-engineering is a risky plan B

The planetary meteorological system is still too unknown for us to contemplate modifying its parameters, according to Jacques Derome, professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. He warns that premature application of geo-engineering is dangerous and could lead to unforeseen impacts. - Impact Campus

Published: 22 Sep 2009

La Presse: Grant to McGill won't bring anything sexy but it'll make a great school better

Researchers say the grants, announced yesterday as part of the $2-billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program, will allow the university to attract great students and hang on to brilliant faculty, refurbish outmoded laboratories and acquire brain scanners that will provide psychiatrists the latest tools in the fight against mental illness. The Gazette, La Presse

Published: 15 Sep 2009

Chronicle of Higher Education: Research universities reach the public directly with news

Thirty-five research institutions, [including McGill] all members of the prestigious Association of American Universities, are posting university-produced news articles about their activities on a new Web site, Futurity.org. Items include news about science, society, and health.

Published: 15 Sep 2009

CBC: McGill neuroscientist wins $1M research prize

Prof. Brenda Milner has won the International Balzan Prize for 2009. The prize is one million Swiss francs, or about $1 million Cdn, for her groundbreaking research into cognitive neuroscience and how we remember. CBC, The Gazette

Published: 8 Sep 2009