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STAT | New study raises questions about early-stage cancer therapies for children

At this early stage, the potential for harm is real while the benefits are only surrogate measures, said Kimmelman, an associate professor of biomedical ethics at McGill University. One such measure at Phase 1 might be tumor shrinkage, which does not necessarily translate into what people really care about: survival.Stat News

Published: 21 Feb 2018

ATLANTIC | Donald Trump's language is reshaping American politics

Republicans—and some liberals—downplay the significance of the president’s outbursts. But his words are quietly radicalizing both the left and right, with untold consequences for the future of policy. [...] But Trump’s words are his substance. “Politics is persuasion as well as coercion,” the political scientist Jacob Levy wrote last week, rightly arguing that Trump has “changed what being a Republican means.”...

Published: 20 Feb 2018

LA PRESSE + | Ces étudiants qui créent des entreprises

L’entrepreneuriat sur les campus est en effervescence aux États-Unis comme au Canada. Montréal n’échappe pas à la frénésie. Notre journaliste André Dubuc a fait la tournée des universités. Voici ce qu’il a vu et entendu.La Presse +

Published: 20 Feb 2018

CTV | Neuroscience funding to provide common platform for Canadian researchers

Ottawa has announced a new fund to connect all Canadian brain scientists. Fifteen universities across the country doing research into the hundreds of different types of brain diseases and disorders will join the $10 million platform. The Brain Canada Foundation said the federal funding will allow the creation of the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform, which will be based at Montreal's Neurological Hospital. [...] Dr....

Published: 20 Feb 2018

CBC | Reclaiming the Indigenous roots of lacrosse

Allan Downey, an assistant professor of history at McGill University, says lacrosse touches all aspects of life in many Indigenous cultures and helps explain everything from how the world came to be to self-identity.Tapestry (CBC)

Published: 19 Feb 2018

POLICY OPTIONS | The real “justice” denied to Boushie

The public conversation overlooks how the entirety of Colten’s life, as an Indigenous person, was lived without justice. By Veldon Coburn, a PhD candidate at Queen’s University’s political science department, studying Indigenous identity, policy and politics, and teaches Indigenous issues at McGill University. Policy Options

Published: 19 Feb 2018

MONTREAL GAZETTE | Outdoor hockey: one of Canada's great pleasures. Enjoy it while you can

Two Montreal professors —Damon Matthews from Concordia and Lawrence Mysak from McGill — have studied the impact of climate change on outdoor hockey in Canada. Their 2012 research, which looked at weather data from 1951 to 2006, concluded that if the skating season continues to shrink, outdoor shinny in southern Canada may disappear within a few decades.

Published: 19 Feb 2018

SCIENCE | Artificial intelligence faces reproducibility crisis

At the AAAI meeting, Peter Henderson, a computer scientist at McGill University in Montreal, showed that the performance of AIs designed to learn by trial and error is highly sensitive not only to the exact code used, but also to the random numbers generated to kick off training, and to “hyperparameters”—settings that are not core to the algorithm but that affect how quickly it learns.Science

Published: 19 Feb 2018

HINDU | ‘Holistic policy needed to promote small millets’

Vijaya Raghavan, Professor, McGill University, which is one of the collaborators of the project, said that promoting the consumption of small millets was not only key for addressing malnutrition related issues, but also to address climate change.The Hindu

Published: 16 Feb 2018

RADIO CANADA | Voici comment la révolution du 5g va changer vos vies

Avec le déploiement du réseau 5G, qui sera nettement plus rapide que le 4G, l’implantation de l'Internet des objets se fera « très rapidement », soutient Tho Le-Ngoc, titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada en communication à large bande. Le professeur au Département de génie électrique et informatique de l'Université McGill donne aussi l’exemple d’une entreprise qui ferait voler des drones et qui offrirait de prendre des photos sur demande....

Published: 16 Feb 2018

DISCOVER | 20 things you didn't know about ... Engines

In 1989, McGill University graduate student and systems administrator Alan Emtage needed an efficient way to find files spread across multiple servers. He created a program to hunt through the servers for specific content he requested. Emtage’s personal timesaver got a big promotion when his boss recognized its potential. The McGill team expanded the program — known as Archie, a shortened form of “archive” — into the world’s first search engine....

Published: 14 Feb 2018

PLAYBILL | Does music make you smarter?

At Montreal’s McGill University, neuropsychologist Robert Zatorre has a test that suggests a noticeable difference in musical cognition between musicians and non-musicians. “We play a tune in one key,” he explains, “and then repeat it at a different key, and ask if it’s the same or if a note has been changed. What we find is that people with musical training are inclined to do better....

Published: 14 Feb 2018

NEW REPUBLIC | Trump’s words will leave a lasting mark

Jacob T. Levy, a political theorist at McGill University, convincingly made the case for the real-world impact of Trump’s words in a recent essay for the Niskanen Center. 

The New Republic

Published: 13 Feb 2018

NEWSWEEK | Thousands of rubber ducks prove drones and computers can successfully count wild animals

They found that the drones combined with the computer algorithm wasn't just a decent substitute for ecologists' eyes, it actually got closer to the real number of birds on the ground. It's a compelling argument for using drones in research, said David Bird, an ornithologist at McGill University in Canada who edits a scientific journal dedicated to drone studies. Population tallies are a crucial piece of ecological information. "Biologists love to count wildlife," he said....

Published: 13 Feb 2018

THE CONVERSATION | Canada’s unsung female heroes of life sciences

"Largely unknown by Canada’s decision-makers in government, industry and even the general public, their work is unheralded by ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Their relative obscurity in Canada, then and now, appears to be the preoccupation of how budgetary decisions are made as opposed to a consideration of talent and merit" reports John Bergeron, Emeritus Robert Reford Professor and Professor of Medicine at McGill.

Published: 12 Feb 2018