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LE SOLEIL | Le pot au volant, moins dangereux que l’alcool?

Professeur au département de psychiatrie de l’Université McGill, le Dr Thomas Brown dirige une équipe de recherche transdisciplinaire sur la conduite avec les facultés affaiblies à l’Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas, à Montréal. Avec la légalisation du cannabis qui s’en vient, il a récemment mené une revue de la littérature scientifique sur la marijuana au volant. 

Published: 12 Mar 2018

LA PRESSE | Brenda Milner : Infatigable fouineuse

Brenda Milner pousse avec appréhension la porte du bureau qu’elle occupe depuis des décennies aux Institut et hôpital neurologiques de Montréal, à l’Université McGill. Son adjointe l’a prévenue que les lieux avaient été repeints pendant le week-end et que du ménage avait dû y être fait.

La Presse

Published: 12 Mar 2018

The many faces of diabetes: addressing heterogeneity of a complex disease

Comment by Rob Sladek, McGill Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Human Genetics

Published: 6 Mar 2018

NP | Eureka! They're paying for it: Budget doles out major cash for science

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a proud science fiction fan, but his government's third budget is much more focused on uncovering new scientific facts. [...] The budget itself is so complex it's hard to say whether the government matched the Naylor suggestions word-for-word, said Martha Crago, a member of the panel and vice-president of research and innovation at McGill University. But it's clear the government is committed to science going forward, she said....

Published: 28 Feb 2018

CBC | The 2018 Federal budget: What's in it for Quebec?

Science, research and innovation - The federal budget boasts the "largest investment in fundamental research ($3 billion) in Canadian history." It's a move that McGill University is welcoming. "I am delighted to see increased federal support for fundamental research. This investment will open up opportunities for our country's talented researchers to explore new areas of knowledge and train the next generations of researchers," said McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier....

Published: 28 Feb 2018

RETAIL INSIDER | The state of retail in 2018 - Turbulent, transformative, but surprisingly healthy

By Charles De Brabant, Executive Director of Bensadoun Retail Initiative at McGill University Having just come back from more than 30 years outside North America to become the Executive Director of the soon to be launched Bensadoun School of Retail Management at McGill University, I was immediately struck by an overwhelmingly consistent view on the state of retail....

Published: 27 Feb 2018

CBC | This prof is turning Homer's Iliad into a weekly, serialized 1-person bar show

Lynn Kozak is spending their sabbatical from McGill University in a bar on Montreal's Park Avenue, starring in a solo-series called Happy Hour Homer.As it happens (CBC)

Published: 27 Feb 2018

WP | The silent microbiome crisis

Co-authored by Tobias Rees, Social Studies of Medicine at McGill University: It is a crisis some scientists believe has similar proportions to climate change, but it gets much less coverage: Microbes are disappearing from our bodies.The Washington Post

Published: 27 Feb 2018

LANCET | Cindy Blackstock: Advocate for First Nations children

She has been called “Canada's Martin Luther King”, the “conscience of the nation”, and a “national hero”, but Cindy Blackstock bristles at the accolades. “The only reason my job exists is because racism against First Nations children has been used as a cost-saving measure....

Published: 27 Feb 2018

CNN | Children playing the guitar to heal

Scientific research supports theories that music is healing. "The studies show that music can create profound neurochemical and biological changes, tangible, demonstrable ones," said psychologist Daniel Levitin, a professor emeritus at McGill University in Montreal, who specializes in neuroscience and music.CNN

Published: 26 Feb 2018

LA PRESSE | Le bilinguisme aurait des effets bénéfiques pour les autistes

« Comme les enfants autistes ont souvent un retard de langage, les professionnels pensaient que le bilinguisme était contre-indiqué parce qu'il compliquerait l'acquisition du langage », explique Aparna Nadig, chercheuse à l'Université McGill, qui est l'auteure principale de l'étude publiée dans la revue Child Development. « Nous voulions vérifier cela, vu que chez les enfants ne souffrant pas d'autisme, le bilinguisme ne nuit pas à l'apprentissage de la langue. »...

Published: 26 Feb 2018

SALON | U.S. gun violence is a symptom of a long historical problem

(Op-ed by J.M. Opal, Associate Professor of History, McGill University) “There is no reason to think that America’s leaders will respond any differently to the latest mass shooting.”Salon | The Conversation

Published: 26 Feb 2018

CTV | The search for life on Mars begins at McGill's Macdonald Campus

“There are some indications that Mars, many billions of years ago, was much warmer – and much wetter,” explained Lyle White, a McGill professor. “Where it would have been an environment that we can envision it would have hosted life as we know on Earth.”CTV News

Published: 26 Feb 2018

Daoust named MVP

The IIHF announced its 2018 Olympic media all-star team, as well as its Most Valuable Player (MVP) and tournament directorate awards.

Canada's Melodie Daoust [BEd'17] was voted tournament MVP. The 26-year-old forward led Canada with three goals and four assists.


Published: 22 Feb 2018

ATLAS OBSCURA | Why drones are counting thousands of decoy ducks

Conducting a bird census by foot can also be disruptive, David Bird, an emeritus professor of wildlife biology at McGill University, told Popular Science. “While you’re doing that, you’re disturbing the hell out of the birds,” Bird said.Atlas Obscura

Published: 21 Feb 2018