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Canada is placing bets on 'open science' to drive innovation

The “Neuro”, as the institute is known, hopes its six-month-old open-science experiment will attract more private venture capital, create jobs and lure companies back to the city’s shrunken medical-research sector. The institute is in the midst of drawing up “measurable indicators” to track whether its groundbreaking approach to research and development is delivering on the promise, said Richard Gold, a professor of law and human genetics at McGill, who is leading the evaluation. ...

Published: 27 Jun 2017

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif helps schoolchildren find balanced lifestyle

While the LDT program stresses physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif said his mission is to promote balance. “It’s about a balance between school, physical activity, the arts,” he said. “Our goal is to help make better people.” It’s difficult to find a better role model than the Mont-St-Hilaire native who has combined playing football at the highest level with medical school....

Published: 21 Jun 2017

Starting your career: Advice for millennial extroverts

Graduation season is upon us, and with many bright young people taking their first steps into the workforce, it is important to acknowledge the challenges of what lie ahead. Learning and work styles of extroverts and introverts can be very different, so in order to succeed in the workplace, it is crucial to understand these differences and how to navigate them....

Published: 20 Jun 2017

President Donald Trump, Unreliable Narrator

"Especially in real time, the narrator has to keep going on the same storyline," said Nathalie Cooke, professor of literature at Montreal's McGill University. "So as Trump fuels the storyline with the populist Trump, the polarization in his readers actually fuels the continuation of the story." Read more:

Published: 19 Jun 2017

Canadians can be smug about our health care system when public coverage extends to dental care

"International studies have shown that greater public contribution to dental care helps to level these sorts of socioeconomic inequalities. The federal government must work together with provincial partners, as well as doctors and dentists, to come up with a new minimum standard of acceptable public dental coverage. Until that happens, Canadians should probably turn their smugness toward the American system down a few notches." ...

Published: 16 Jun 2017

Student-mentor programs swell across the country

“The aim is not placement,” says Marie-José Beaudin, executive director of the Soutar Career Centre at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management. Instead, the goal is to equip students with career-long skills in networking. “Your career can’t evolve in a silo,” she says. “You need to have champions who support that and mentors can be fantastic.” ...

Published: 15 Jun 2017

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin to retire from Supreme Court of Canada

Tough on litigators who prattle on, famously reserved in person, McLachlin has a plain-speaking, often wry style in court. Yet those who know her speak of her easy laugh. McGill University law professor Daniel Jutras, who worked as her executive legal officer for three years, said McLachlin deals with stress by resorting to humour and was an impressive champion for the Canadian charter, Canadian judges and the independence of the judiciary abroad. ...

Published: 14 Jun 2017

Essential medicines require essential diagnostics

"In a welcome development, 40 years after publishing the first Essential Medicines List (EML), WHO is poised to begin the development of an Essential Diagnostics List (EDL). An EDL should help amplify the impact of the EML. After all, patients need access to both diagnosis and treatment." Op-ed by Dr. Madhukar Pai, Professor & Director of Global Health, McGill University ...

Published: 13 Jun 2017

Former prime minister Paul Martin receives McGill University honorary degree

Jamie Orchard speaks to Paul Martin after McGill University awarded the former prime minister an honorary doctorate recognizing his work after politics. Find out more: Global News

Published: 13 Jun 2017

Data visualization experts say search trend maps are mostly bunk

To Andrew Piper, a professor and director of the .txtLAB at McGill University in Montreal, that's another potential pitfall and danger of data visualizations like these: People read a lot into it. "Just picking the top [word] isn't a good way of representing what comes across as really important semantic implications," he said. "Are people googling 'pneumonia' because it's raining in BC? We have no idea."

Published: 9 Jun 2017

Quebec’s strategy on electric vehicles is too expensive, Ecofiscal says

Still, Ecofiscal chairman Chris Ragan – an economist at McGill University – said future governments should raise the levy significantly after 2022, and could offset the impact of a higher carbon levy by lowering other taxes. “It would be a very bad outcome if the price peaked out at $50 in 2022 and everything else is done by complementary policies,” he said in an interview.

Published: 8 Jun 2017

Breaking down the myths of health-care management

Health care is about serving people. Yet it is being managed badly, with serious consequences to patients, argues celebrated McGill University management professor Henry Mintzberg. He calls it an epidemic: Managing without soul, which is common in organizations throughout society, including health.

Published: 7 Jun 2017

Emotional convocation for McGill law grad who escaped Rwandan genocide

Moses Gashirabake is a confident, distinguished, sharply dressed 28-year-old who is normally completely composed. But after his convocation ceremony at McGill University, with degrees in both civil and common law in his hands, he spotted Rosemarie Schade making her way toward him for a hug and was simply overwhelmed with emotion....

Published: 6 Jun 2017

Opinion: McGill can help retail sector thrive amid change

Overall, there is a wealth of expertise in retailing at McGill to draw from, a vibrant history in Montreal to build upon, and definitely a very bright future to shape.

Op-ed by Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, dean of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Read more: Montreal Gazette

Published: 5 Jun 2017

Bizarre black holes revealed by new space-time ripples

“The universe still contains mysteries,” says astrophysicist Daryl Haggardof McGill University. “We thought we were walking through the world knowing how black holes happened, and now we’re seeing that there’s some real discovery space here.”

Read more: National Geographic

Published: 2 Jun 2017