Venezuela: Peace offering from Maduro


Published: 10Jul2017

“The transfer of Venezuela's most prominent political prisoner from a military stockade to house arrest was widely viewed as a peace offering by President Nicolas Maduro to opponents who have led months of street protests against his beleaguered government.” (CBC)

Phil Oxhorn, Department of Political Science, McGill University

“This is the most positive news in a long time coming out of Venezuela. But we will have to wait to see what comes next. It is important, but more symbolic than anything and removes one of the most obvious sources of international complaint, at the same time everything else being done suggests the regime is further tightening its control.”—Phil Oxhorn

He’s an expert in democracy, economic development and Latin American Comparative Politics.

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Manuel Balan, Department of Political Science,  McGill University

Professor Balan is interested in Latin American Politics, Corruption and Development, Political Competition, Politics of the Media and Scandals, Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies, and Political parties and political Systems among other things.

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