Teachers' strike on Sept. 30


Published: 29Sep2015

“Teachers in many French public schools are planning a one-day strike on Wednesday, Sept. 30, to voice their displeasure over contract talks with the Quebec government.” (Source: The Montreal Gazette)

“The situation in Quebec is part of a convergence of two trends we are currently seeing across North America. On the one hand, governments are disinvesting from public education in the name of balanced budgets. On the other, teachers unions are forging new alliances with parents and community members to defend public education. The scorecard is mixed so far, but it shows the continued importance of unions as a voice in public debates.”
- Barry Eidlin

Barry Eidlin, Assistant Professor of Sociology, McGill University
Expertise: He’s interested in the study of class, politics, and institutional change. More specifically, his research focuses on explaining the diverging trajectories of working class power in the United States and Canada over the course of the twentieth century.
Contact: barry.eidlin [at] mcgill.ca. He answers in English and French. Cellphone number available upon request.

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