Montreal Gazette - Warning: drinking 7 litres of cola a day may harm your health; the right chemistry


(Chemistry prof Joe Schwarcz):

"I've always considered the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to be a trustworthy source of nutrition information. Over the years, Michael Jacobson and his crew have enlightened us about misleading claims for dietary supplements, about the risks of trans fats and about our over-consumption of salt. But now they've ventured over to the dark side: They're targeting colas! Why?"

Because of the type of caramel used to colour these beverages. According to CSPI, the colourant is carcinogenic. Unfortunately, it seems chemophobia is a communicable disease, to which even the usually reliable folks at CSPI are not immune. The fusillade unleashed against caramel is not scientifically justified…"