MONTREAL GAZETTE | Three moms launch plant-based milk: a lawyer, a dentist and Katia Pacioretty

Published: 30 August 2019

Necessity is the mother of invention, the adage goes. And so when a Montreal mother of two couldn’t find an alternative she considered suitable for her daughters once she stopped breastfeeding, she decided to develop her own: an organic plant-based milk called Bebe Latte.

long the way, Boillot was joined by two other like-minded mothers: Montreal dentist Sophie Godbout, who has a son and a daughter, and Katia Pacioretty. It would take nearly two years of research and development to create and perfect the product. So far they have launched two products that are intended to replace cow’s milk or other followup formulas in pharmacies and supermarkets: Bebe Latte, designed for children aged 12 to 24 months, and Kiddo Latte, for kids 24 months and older. They’re awaiting final approval from Health Canada on a product for six- to 12-month-olds, Boillot said. All are certified organic and gluten-free and contain no major allergens like nuts or soy.

“I am a strong supporter of the entire concept,” wrote Dr. David S. Mulder, H. Rocke Robertson professor of surgery at McGill University, former surgeon-in-chief of the Montreal General Hospital and longtime chief surgeon for the Canadiens, in a letter of support. “It provides a healthy alternative to soy- and dairy-based diets at a critical age in development.”

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