McGill remembers brings digital light to the dark years


For years, one man clipped every article, stored every letter and carefully transcribed every promotion, every victory and every heartbreaking loss that touched the McGill University community during the Second World War. The man, R. C. Fetherstonhaugh, took on the task as an additional duty in the McGill War Records Office. In 1945, the gunfire ceased, and those left started moving on with their lives. A year later, Fetherstonhaugh died, and the records were carefully packed away – a relic of another time. Now, after collecting dust for more than 60 years, those snapshots of the war years of 6,000 McGill graduates, professors and staff are once again ready to see the light of day. "It's a tremendous slice of the lives of 6,000 people," said Wes Cross, founder of the McGill Remembers project.

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