McGill Holiday story suggestions


(available Dec 16-20 only)


 1.    Digital advertising and holiday shopping: Jui Ramaprasad, Minha.Hwang [at] (Minha Hwang)

Desautels Faculty of Management – English

(on Black Friday 53% of the page views on came from mobile devices, 1 in 3 internet purchases in the US at Thanksgiving from mobile device)

 2.    Toy safety and recalls: Joe Schwarcz

Dept of Chemistry, Director, McGill Office for Science and Society – English


3.    McGill music students launch intergenerational music ensemble in JanuaryAudrey-kristel.barbeau [at] (Audrey-Kristel Barbeau) French and English

(a way to keep seniors active and involved)

 4.    Boosting our connection with the natural world (birdwatching, beekeeping, local markets + beyond):

French – genevieve.metson [at] (Genevieve Metson); delphine.renard [at] (Delphine Renard);

English – matthew.michell [at] (Matt Mitchell ); carly.zitter [at] (Carly Ziter); Elena.bennett [at] (Elena Bennett) Dept of Natural Resources

 5.    Spirituality and the meaning of Christmas: Ellen Aitken

Dean, Faculty of Religious Studies – English and French (print only)

 6.    McGill music students play for community institutions and offer free music classes to children in inner city schools

 7.    Why donating to charity makes us feel good: anita.kar [at] (Dr. Alain Dagher)

Dept of Neuroscience, Montreal Neurological Institute – French and English


All good things must end

8.    Food and alcohol hangovers, the chemical effects of chocolate:

Ariel Fenster

Chemistry Dept. – French and English

9. January comes too soon … McGill students help with homework (in Lester B Pearson schoolboard + Kahnawake Survival School): veronica.amberg [at] (Veronica Amberg), Manager, Social Equity and Diversity Education Office Tutors:

English – hz.sede [at] (Gabrielle Jacobs) 514-929-3433; clare.olson [at] (Clare Olson) 514 625 2787

French and English – marceloargueta [at] (Marcelo Argueta) 

Loneliness and sadness

10.    Loneliness, mobile apps and online dating: Jui Ramaprasad

Desautels Faculty of Management – English

 11Depression, stressful family situations, holiday suicides: Camillo Zacchia

Psychologist – Douglas Institute – French and English 

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