McGill Experts: National Pain Awareness Week


Published: 31Oct2014

November 2-8 is National Pain Awareness Week

Pain is a serious health problem for society, with approximately 15% of Canadians, or 6 million people, reporting to suffer from chronic pain. People in pain will miss work, reducing productivity, and will visit the doctor more frequently, placing a burden on a health care system already stretched thin.  In-hospital patients enduring pain from non-surgical conditions are less likely to be treated, whereas outpatients presenting with chronic pain are often dismissed.

McGill experts:

Dr. Mark Ware

Associate Professor, Departments of Family Medicine and Anesthesia, McGill University

Co-Director, FRQS Quebec Pain Research Network

Director of Clinical Research, Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, Montreal General Hospital

Expertise: Primary care pain management, research on cannabinoids for pain, and interdisciplinary pain management approaches.

mark.ware [at]

Available in English and French

Dr. Fernando Cervero

Past-President, IASP

Director, The Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain, McGill University

Expertise: Pain research, pain mechanisms, neuroscience of pain

fernando.cervero [at]

Preference for English, but available in French as well

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