McGill experts: Mother’s Day, May 11


Published: 7May2014

As we celebrate the contributions and dedication of mothers this Sunday, May 11, here are some suggestions of McGill experts who could be interviewed on topics related to motherhood and women in general:

Matissa Hollister, Desautels Faculty of Management

Research interests: Women employment, organizational behaviour

Recent study: Greater job continuity for married moms masks trend toward shorter-term employment among men, never-married women

Matissa.hollister [at]


Julien Lacaille, PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology

Research interests: examining how mindfulness meditation leads to stress reduction, increased wellbeing, and better self-control; identifying the active ingredients in mindfulness involved in reducing food cravings. Julien Lacaille is also an expert in teaching mindfulness meditation. As a clinical doctoral student, he teaches mindfulness meditation at the MindSpace clinic.

Recent study: Mindfulness meditation can cut chocolate cravings

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