McGill experts: Mental Illness Awareness Week


Published: 30Sep2014
Mental Illness Awareness Week is from October 5th to 11th. 

Here are McGill experts that can comment on the topic:

Karen Hetherington – School of Social Work (English and French)

Expertise: Mental health prevention & promotion; service delivery; community mental health.

karen.hetherington [at]


Camillo Zacchia – Douglas Institute (English and French)

Expertise: Anxiety disorders; depression and burn-out; cognitive behavioral treatment approaches; quality evaluation.

camillo.zacchia [at]


Martin Drapeau – Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology  (English and French)

Expertise: psychotherapy (process, outcome, best practices, access to psychotherapy for those in need, stepped care and treatments for depression and anxiety, evidence based practice, use of science by psychotherapists, Quebec regulations on the practice of psychotherapy), and best practices in mental health

martin.drapeau [at]


Nancy Heath - Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology – (English)

Graduate Program Director for Inclusive Education, Educational Psychology & Human Development

Expertise: Non-suicidal self-injury, mental health in the schools, mindfulness for stress management and mental health resilience, stress and coping in youth and young adults

nancy.heath [at]


Cecile Rousseau – Department of psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine

Montreal children' s hospital, and Department of child psychiatry Jewish General Hospital. (English, French and Spanish)

Expertise: refugee-migrant (children, adolescent, and families); migratory policies (detention, cuts to Federal health program); collaborative care in youth mental health; prevention programs in schools (based on creative expression); effects of globalization and the war on terror.

cecile.rousseau [at]

NOTE: Away October 14-19 but otherwise available.


Brett D. Thombs, Ph.D - William Dawson Scholar and Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute of Medical  Research, Jewish General Hospital (English and Spanish)

Expertise: depression screening and mental health among patients with chronic medical illness, particularly rare diseases.

brett.thombs [at]


Reut Gruber, PhD Psychologist - Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine

Attention Behavior and Sleep Lab,  Douglas Mental Health University Institute (English)

Expertise: sleep in children sleep and academic performance/school/cognition sleep and obesity sleep and ADHD

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health

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