McGill experts: International Literacy Day


Published: 5Sep2014
Monday, September 08, 2014 is International Literacy Day. The McGill Literacy Experts who are available for interview are:

Prof. Donna-Lee Smith,  donnalee.smith [at] , Faculty of Education

Expertise: She has worked in various Indigenous communities for 25 years—mainly in the area of literacy, leading  workshops and teaching courses where student teachers create children’s storybooks books in heritage languages; in Nunavik, for example, she worked  with 2 Inuk co-teachers who are fluent in both English and Inuktitut.


Prof. Robert Savagerobert.savage [at] , Faculty of Education

Expertise: In a 3 province study (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta) with approx 1,000 children, he is looking at different techniques ( including teaching children emotional and social literacy) that are geared towards promoting literacy and preventing reading difficulties through early identification and ongoing intervention with children who are at risk.


Casey Burkholdercasey.burkholder [at], PhD student, Faculty of Education, is doing research  with ethnic and linguistic minority youth in Hong Kong that explores the ways that schools further marginalize young people based on their language and literacy practices. Is also the Graduate Students’ Representative for the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada.


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